Bachelor of Art

3 Year Degree Program
3-6Lac Avg Package

About Program

BA program at Sanskaram Degree College designed to provide a comprehensive foundation in the arts and humanities. Our BA program offers a diverse range of subjects that foster critical thinking, communication skills, and a broad understanding of society and culture. With experienced faculty, modern facilities, and a student-centric approach, our BA program ensures a holistic learning experience.

Learning Objectives

Develop a well-rounded understanding of various disciplines in the arts and humanities.
Cultivate critical thinking and analytical skills for effective problem-solving.
Enhance communication abilities through written and verbal expression.
Gain cultural and social awareness to engage thoughtfully in a diverse world.


  • Completion of secondary education or equivalent from a recognized educational board.
  • Attainment of minimum academic scores specified.
  • Participation in an entrance examination for BA admissions (if applicable).
  • Submission of necessary documentation as per MDU guidelines.


  • Pursue higher studies such as MA, MBA, or professional courses to specialize in your area of interest.
  • Enter fields like journalism, marketing, public relations, human resources, administration, or social work.
  • Prepare for competitive exams like UPSC, state public service commissions, or other government roles.
  • Explore avenues in writing, design, photography, or performing arts.
  • Contribute to social causes through NGOs, community development, or advocacy.
  • Launch your own ventures based on your skills and interests.


3 Year 6 Semester
BA 1st Sem Book
BA 1st Sem Book2
First quiz
Basic understanding of arts and culture.
2nd Assignments
Final Lesson
First quiz


The BA program typically spans three years of full-time study, divided into six semesters.
Yes, candidates should have completed their secondary education (12th grade) or an equivalent qualification from a recognized board to be eligible for the BA program
The BA program opens doors to diverse career paths in fields such as journalism, marketing, social work, administration, civil services, creative arts, and more, depending on your specialization and interests.