Diploma in Hospitality Diploma Program

Diploma in Hospitality

2 Year Program
3-5Lac Avg Package

About Program

Uncover the world of hospitality with the Diploma in Hospitality program at Sanskaram Skill and Technology College. Immerse yourself in the art of providing exceptional guest experiences, managing hotels, and orchestrating successful events. Through practical training and theoretical insights, this program equips you to excel in the vibrant and ever-evolving hospitality industry.

Learning Objectives

Develop a comprehensive understanding of hotel operations, from front desk management to housekeeping.
Hone communication and interpersonal skills essential for delivering top-notch guest services.
Acquire event planning and coordination expertise for organizing successful gatherings.
Cultivate a customer-focused mindset and a passion for delivering memorable hospitality experiences.


  • Minimum educational requirement: Completion of 10+2 or equivalent from a recognized board.
  • Interest in the hospitality industry and a passion for delivering exceptional customer service.
  • Clearing any required entrance examinations or interviews for admission.
  • Meeting any additional requirements specified by the college.


  • Thriving opportunities in hotel and resort management, guest relations, and event planning.
  • Possibility of working with renowned hotel chains, luxury resorts, cruise liners, and event management companies.
  • Foundation for pursuing higher studies in hospitality management, business administration, or related fields.
  • Exposure to diverse career pathways such as restaurant management, hospitality consulting, and tourism management.
  • Contribution to shaping the future of hospitality by creating memorable experiences for guests and clients.


2 Year 4 Semester
Diploma in Hospitality 1st Sem Book
Diploma in Hospitality 1st Sem Book2
First quiz
Basic understanding of Diploma in Hospitality.
2nd Assignments
Final Lesson
First quiz


Graduates can explore roles in hotel management, guest relations, event coordination, and even venture into cruise liners and luxury resorts.
Yes, the program offers practical hands-on training, allowing you to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios.
While the program provides a well-rounded foundation, you can tailor your career path by specializing in areas such as hotel operations, event management, or guest services.