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Late Master Dayanand (1942-2004)

Sanskaram public school khatiwas, founded in 2015, exists as an initivative that has achieved accomplishment by the indomitable courage and indefatigable endeavors of the Chairman Shri Mahipal ji in loving memory of his father, Late Shri Master Dayanand, Who devoted his whole life to mount up the career of his students in sports and co-curricular activities. He prepared his students for various games like an intrepid fighter, who participated and won many madals at state as well as national level .

Education is the key that unlocks the doors of knowledge, empowers minds, and illuminates the path to a brighter future. Let us strive to kindle this light within every student and guide them towards excellence.

Sanskaram works with a vision of providing value-based and qualitative education along with disciplined environment. Sanskaram strictly follows the didactic footprints of Master Dayanand to lead the students on the way to success by hard work and apt guidance, focusing on academic excellence as the school provides a high tech and modern infrastructure like smart classes, digitalized library, science labs, computer lab, language lab with latest audio-visual aids, A.C classroom, Hostel facilities, indoor stadium, swimming pool, shooting range, boxing ring and sports academy.

Hon'ble Chairman Mr. Mahipal

Dear Students, Faculty, and Stakeholders, Greetings! It is with immense pride and joy that I welcome you to Sanskaram Group of Institutions. Our journey in the field of education has been an endeavor fueled by passion and a commitment to nurturing holistic growth in every individual who walks through our doors. Education is not just a pathway to knowledge; it's a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and transformation. At Sanskaram, we believe in providing a conducive environment that fosters curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking. Our mission is to empower students with the skills and values that prepare them not just for successful careers, but for contributing positively to society.

Education is the beacon that lights up the path to progress and empowerment, paving the way for a better tomorrow.

As the Chairman, my vision for Sanskaram is to create a center of excellence that brings out the best in every student. Our dedicated faculty, modern infrastructure, and emphasis on experiential learning enable us to provide a well-rounded education that goes beyond textbooks. I invite you to embark on this enriching journey with us. Let's together shape a future that is brighter, inclusive, and driven by knowledge.


Shri Mahipal is a visionary leader with a passion for education and innovation. Armed with a B.Tech and M.Tech (App), he brings a unique blend of technical acumen and educational insights to his role as Chairman of Sanskaram Group of Institutions. With a deep understanding of the evolving educational landscape, Shri Mahipal is committed to providing students with an education that not only equips them with skills but also nurtures their character and values. Under his guidance, Sanskaram has evolved into an institution known for academic excellence, holistic development, and a commitment to creating future leaders.

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