MPHW Diploma

Multi-Purpose Health Worker

2 Year Program
4-5Lac Avg Package

About Program

The Multipurpose Health Worker (MPHW) program at Sanskaram College of Pharmacy is designed to equip students with the essential knowledge and skills required to excel in the field of public health and healthcare management. This comprehensive two-year program combines theoretical coursework with hands-on practical training, preparing graduates to serve as frontline healthcare professionals in a diverse range of healthcare settings.

Learning Objectives

Proficiency in conducting thorough health assessments for accurate patient evaluation.
Understanding and engaging in community-based health promotion activities.
Effective and empathetic communication with patients, families, and healthcare teams.
Understanding and applying ethical and legal frameworks in healthcare practices.


  • Completion of 10+2 education with science subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Mathematics).
  • Fulfillment of minimum qualifying marks criteria as per institute norms.
  • Clearing any required entrance examinations for admission.
  • Meeting any additional requirements set by the institution.


  • Providing essential healthcare services in hospital settings.
  • Conducting community health programs and awareness campaigns.
  • Contributing to preventive healthcare measures and immunization drives.
  • Assisting in disease surveillance and outbreak management.
  • Promoting maternal and child health through specialized programs.


2 Year 4 Semester
MPHW 1st Sem Book
MPHW 1st Sem Book2
First quiz
Basic understanding of MPHW.
2nd Assignments
Final Lesson
First quiz


The MPHW program at Sanskaram College of Pharmacy is a diploma course designed to provide comprehensive training in public health and healthcare services. It equips students with practical skills and knowledge required for a career in the healthcare sector.
Graduates of the MPHW program have diverse career opportunities. They can work in hospitals, healthcare clinics, pharmaceutical companies, government health departments, NGOs, and community health organizations. Additionally, they can pursue further studies or specialize in areas like epidemiology, health education, or healthcare management.
The MPHW program focuses on developing skills such as healthcare service delivery, disease prevention and control, community health planning, healthcare communication, and data analysis. Students also gain proficiency in conducting health assessments, managing health records, and organizing health campaigns.